An Ultimate Guide On Celebrity Style Outfit Inspirations

An Ultimate Guide On Celebrity Style Outfit Inspirations

Be it Poo from “KKKG” or Shanaya from “SOTY”, outfits along with the character get imprinted in our minds. But with these Bollywood celebrities serving some lit looks for different occasions, it seems they have successfully created a clothing niche for each occasion. Take, for instance, the quirky Ath leisure or elegant kurta sets for the airport looks or short bodycon dresses for casual affairs, Bollywood has time and again proved that its impact extends beyond the silver screen directly to our wardrobe.

If you have a knack for celebrity inspired dresses or celebrity outfit ideas, stick around!

Iconic Bollywood Celebrity Styles

Bollywood never fails to amaze us. With an impeccable range of styles and minds behind the fusion of different clothing pieces and putting them together to create an alluring look, we can not help but only think about dressing like a celebrity. You may have come across many blogs that have gathered and put out iconic looks served by seasoned and veteran actresses. But, let’s talk about some unforgettable and breathtaking looks of new-age actresses! Here are celebrity outfit ideas from the coolest looks:

  1. Chiffon Sarees: I have been wanting to write this downnn! Alia as Rani gave us some major FOMO on traditional wear and proved, how elegant can those Saris look even in a professional setting.

  2. Long Kurti with Denims: Who remembers Alizey from ADHM? Anushka Sharma literally dressed to kill in the movie and gave rise to the fusion of Indian wear with a tinge of Western and donning some statement accessories and yet exuding grace! Wow!

  3. Cinderella Appearance: Do we even have to talk about it? Oh my God! She looked stunning and owned the Cannes Film Festival like anything. 

  4. Pearls and Ruffles:The time when Deepika Padukone mesmerized us with this iconic white pearl Saari look. She so knows how to all colors right!

Understanding Celebrity Style Elements

In this section of dress like a Celeb let’s talk about trends that owe their spark to some of the popular celebrities and give them the credit they deserve:

  • Athleisure: Katrina Kaif, one of the most beautiful and stylish actresses that have not been given due credit for introducing the “style with comfort” factor into Bollywood. It was she who rocked some relaxed and loose-fit outfits that we got to see more of it from other celebrities as well.
  • Active-wear: Spare that duck walk but guys, don’t Malaika Arora own the active-wear section in celebrity inspired dresses? I mean from normalizing nude-coloured body-hugging outfits to the hottest and revealing tie&dye gym fits, she has truly set the bar high.
  • Co-ord Sets: Former Alia now “Rani” popularised this versatile attire by pairing it with extremely good-looking heels and shoes. She also accessorized the co-ord sets to look on point. She gets the cookie.
  • Flared pants: I don’t know how many of you would agree, but yes, Deepika Padukone has a thing for flared pants. And, she makes sure to serve us some looks with a pair of flared pants and crop top much more often.
  • Ethnic Wear: Well, the fashion icon herself “Sonam Kapoor” owns the title of wearing ethnic pieces like a Saari or a floor touch to promotional events or for other regular occasions as well. She normalized and made ethnic wear more versatile by encouraging people to wear it on other occasions as well.

Accessorizing Like a Pro

To dress like a celeb, you also have to keep in mind that they accessorize their outfits phenomenally, so while you are playing celebrity inspired outfits, Here are some tips to swear by:

  1. Always remember less is more.
  2. Do not go all bold, rather balance out with a dash of subtle elements.
  3. Thanks to this era, you can create stunning looks by coordinating different colors together. It’s like you think of it and someone has already done it. So, before you opt for this, take an online stroll.
  4. Be careful while styling metals. Although Gold tone majorly dominates the silver-toned accessories, you’ll still have to do it thoughtfully.


When in doubt, search and you’ll find tons of great ideas!

Emulating Casual Chic:

Let’s dive into the world of casual “dress like celebrity” haul:

  1. A-lines: These flowy causal dresses definitely amount to a “dress like celebrity” look. With minimal makeup and accessories these actresses have pulled it off quite well.

  2. Minis:Well, it seems it is the comfy and go-to outfit for divas. Be it a lunch date with friends or a casual meet-up, they know how to rock the look. clothing

  3. Denim on Denim:Who thought denim on denim would look so cool? Look at how these actresses aced this “denim” style.

  4. Sasskirt: Who thought some of the sassy looks could be created out of a mini skirt? We have often seen Kriti Sanon wear this staple piece of clothing.

Personalizing Your Celebrity-Inspired Look with Green Avakado

Let’s play “Dress like a Celeb” with Green Avakado, an amazing website with trendy dresses for women.

  • Baggy and oversized Outfits: Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone have been blessing our feed with some oversized looks lately. You can never go wrong with a baggy look unless you style it like them.This oversized pink stylish shirt does complete justice to what an appropriate baggy look would look like, just add a pair of denim jeans and a white crop top and you are good to go.

  • Co-ord sets: I have been obsessed with Tamannah Bhatia since that video of her dancing on “Nu kavalaiya” (Don’t judge, she looks fab) got viral. And look how she rocked this trendy co-ord set that is similar to this Co-ord from Green Avakado.

  • Wrap Dresses: Aren’t you loving these looks by Malaika Arora, it’s a vision to behold and similar to this orange dress and blue dress by Green Avakado. Check out some stylish tops for women too.



Although Gen Z is more into Western fashion and K-dramas and music have seriously influenced fashion enthusiasts, we can’t take away the fact that Bollywood has some of the most competent and top-notch designers who have been creating different and unique styles for so many years. Green Avakado is one such website that celebrates the new women by bringing some modern attires to help you feel confident and stylish. Be it winter wear like stylish pullovers for ladies to long coats or summer wear like denim jackets. You can find so many celebrity inspired outfits over there and the BEST part, you don’t have to bust your budget to lay your hands on them.


I am sure there would be your favorite celebrity looks that you want to emulate. It’s okay to draw inspiration but also be sure enough not to limit yourself.
  • Know your body type.
  • Look for a celebrity that resonates with your body type.
  • Evaluate their dress sense and style in different settings and occasions.
  • Pinpoint some repetitive elements that they don’t do without.
  • Now, you can tailor the outfit accordingly.
Here’s how you can add a personal touch to celebrity inspired outfits:
  • The design can be similar but the choice of colour could be different.
  • It is usually the design that captures us so the material can also be different and as per your choice.
  • There might be an element that you’d want to add like a belt, or embroidery, or anything as per your requirement.
  • Hair and makeup can be totally what and how you like.
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