From Casual to Formal: Co-ord Sets for Versatile Day-to-Night Looks

From Casual to Formal: Co-ord Sets for Versatile Day-to-Night Looks


Co-ord sets have caused a major upheaval in the fashion industry with people belonging to different age groups wanting to opt only for this category of outfits. And why not, when you can achieve a sophisticated look without the hassle of mixing and matching outfits, people going crazy over co-ords makes perfect sense. Here are a few co-ord look ideas to help you make the most of this trailblazing outfit.

Casual Daytime Looks with Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets that come with culottes and shorts are the most preferred Co-ord styles for a casual look. And there are a plethora of options for daytime co-ord look ideas like:

  1. Crop Top with high-waisted pants\shots.
  2. Tank Top with culottes.
  3. Solid top with high-waisted jeans.
  4. Casual shirt with a flared pleated skirt.

Office-Appropriate Co-ord Ensembles 

The best use of a co-ord set would be that of wearing it to the office. It adds an element of elegance and sophistication to your personality and you look no less than a boss lady. Some common ways to put up a co-ord ensemble for office wear are:

  1. Blazer, top and pants.
  2. Solid top with a pencil skirt.
  3. Tie-up Top and knee length skirt.
  4. A sleek shirt and high-waisted jeans.
  5. A high-neck top and straight-fit trousers.

Chic Evening Attire with Co-ord Sets

Why not ditch the same years old outfit idea of a long maxi gowns for evenings and opt for a refreshed version of evening attires- co-ord sets. With fabulous pieces customized for different occasions and use of fabrics in a playful manner

to be in harmony with various looks, co-ord sets undoubtedly make up a chic evening attire.

Embracing Co-ord Sets for Travel

Co-ord sets are the ultimate choice of clothing when it comes to traveling with comfort. There are a hell lot of awesome comfy co-ord sets that you can wear and be travel ready.

Comfort should be the only parameter for you to decide on what to wear for travel. And with co-ord sets, it’s like you set out with ease, fashion and style.

Accessorizing Co-ord Sets for Different Occasions

Co-ord sets give out an entire look right after you adorn it. To enhance your look, here are some ideas to accessorize your co-ord set for different occasions:

  1. Day-time casual look:

  2. For a day time casual look, don’t go overboard with accessories. After-all a casual look is meant to be comfy yet stylish. A pair of stud earrings, with a minimal make up a nude lipstick. Add up a small strapped watch, a cross body bag and finish the look with a pair of sneakers or flats.


  1. Party look:

    You can transform yourself in an elegant look by simply opting for gold-toned thread earrings, a statement watch and a ring, you can also try out multi finger rings stacks. Pair up with a bling clutch and heels if a party night else go for a petite handbag, pretty much in these days and a block heel.

Professional look:

The best thing about professional looks is that your outfit does the whole talking. Adding some accessories will elevate the look further. The key here in this look is minimalism. The less accessories the more professional it looks. A minimal makeup with a huggie or jacket earring, a watch with a sleek and chic pendant necklace would do just perfect. Top it off with a tote bag and deff a pair of heels.


Co-ord sets have taken the fashion industry by storm and are coming out in different styles satisfying all the whims and fancies one has for an outfit. It gives a complete look effortlessly making itself the must-have ensemble.


Co-ord sets are the new definition of versatility. From the professional setting to any sort of celebration, you can style co-ord sets in different ways and yet stand out elegant and well-dressed.
Yes, absolutely! There’s no way you cannot flaunt this all-embracing outfit in a professional setting. However a few things to consider are:
  • The bottom of the co-ord set can be anything but shorts or a mini skirt.
  • Don’t over-accessorize.
Accessorizing your co-ord set depends on the type and look you want to create for yourself. For example if you were to style the accessories with co-ord set for a professional setting, team it with a pair of heels, a statement watch piece, medium sized hoop earrings and a tote bag. Whereas for a casual day-time look, layer the outfit with a crossbody bag, some stud or drop earrings, a watch, a pair of sneakers, and you are good to go.
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