Get Inspired by Alia Bhatt's Outfits: Recreate Alia Bhatt's Looks With Easy Tips

Get Inspired by Alia Bhatt's Outfits: Recreate Alia Bhatt's Looks With Easy Tips

We always look up to celebrities for fashion inspiration and one Bollywood star whose style we can't get enough of is the brilliantly talented and charming Alia Bhatt. Her choices are effortlessly chic yet relatable and this makes Alia's looks a goldmine of inspiration for those looking to bring a bit of Bollywood flair into their wardrobe. In this guide, we'll take a look at some of Alia's iconic movie looks and see how you can recreate them without breaking the bank.

Popular Alia Bhatt’s Looks That You Should Consider


Effortlessly cool Dear Zindagi look

Remember Alia's laid-back style in "Dear Zindagi"? The denim looks from the film are timeless and can easily be incorporated into your daily wardrobe because it’s all about ripped denim, kimonos, jackets, and breezy dresses. To get that preppy look of Kiara’s, all you need is a plain flowy dress and a solid-colored jacket or a stylish shirt to layer it up. Or you can just pair a stylish top with denim shorts for that casual and cool Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi denim look.


Vibrant Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania Look

Alia's colorful and fun looks from "Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania" are without doubt a favorite among people. To recreate this look, go for a trendy co-ord set in bold colors or playful prints. Alia's outfits are effortlessly stylish, bringing a perfect blend of simplicity and chic vibes that suit her character, like flowy dupattas, and Patiala suits.


Simple and easy Brahmastra looks

Alia’s look from the Kesariya music video looks elegant and otherworldly, but all she did was pair a flowy skirt with a simple tank top. We see similar simple pairings throughout the movie, like the black wrap crop top with the flowy skirt or the white maxi dress. The unbeatable common Alia Bhatt outfit throughout the movie is just a white V-neck top with slim-fit jeans and a long shrug. Now that we’ve deconstructed the look, it sounds so simple, doesn't it?


Indo- western looks of 2 States

Alia Bhatt outfits from 2 states caught everybody’s eye and it’s all for the right reasons as well. She wears Indo-Western outfits for most of the movie such as a stylish crop top with a matching skirt or shorts. The idea is to make your clothes pop with color while still looking effortlessly chic. To try out this style, include plenty of bright pinks, oranges, blues, greens, and reds in your outfits. Try pairing your denim jeans with casual kurtis and to finish the look, try a denim jacket with rolled cuffs on top to achieve her laid-back look,


Chiffon and Rocky Ki Raani


Among Alia Bhatt’s movie looks, her chiffon sarees in Rocky Ki Raani make such a bold statement that is both mature and stylish. If you are not looking to wear sarees like her, go for flowy trendy dresses for women that mimic the grace of the chiffon sarees. Stylish shirts and trendy co-ord sets can also do the job while staying close to your style. 

Why Do People Love Alia Bhatt’s Looks?

Alia Bhatt's movie looks are always adopted by the masses as they are both relatable and accessible. She combines high fashion with comfort, making her style more next-door girl-like. The experiments with different looks, from casual to indo-western, show her versatility and keep her fans excited about her wardrobe choices.

Follow These Tips To Elevate Your Classy Alia Bhatt Look

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different pieces and styles. Alia is often seen mixing and matching high-end fashion with more affordable pieces to create unique looks. Her looks always scream comfort, so go for outfits that make you feel good and confident, ensuring that you can carry the style with ease.
  • Like any outfit, what makes Alia’s looks stand out is the styling. It could be accessories, makeup, or hairstyles, pay attention to the details to complete the look. Small touches can elevate your outfit and make it more authentic to Alia's style.



Bringing Alia Bhatt's movie looks into your own wardrobe can be an exciting way to experiment with fashion. From the cool vibes of "Dear Zindagi" to the glam looks of "Rocky Ki Raani," there's definitely something for every occasion and everyone. If you are thinking about where to find these pieces, Green Avakado’s stylish women clothes online is all you need to transform your wardrobe into an Alia-inspired one! Remember to put some of your unique and personal touches on each look, making it truly your own.



Many people love recreating her looks to add a touch of Bollywood to their daily lives as Alia Bhatt's fashion choices are highly relatable and easy to build.
It's hard to pinpoint one specific look as the most liked, as Alia's fans appreciate her general style. Her casual and chic looks from "Dear Zindagi," and “2 States” are widely adored.
You can modify Alia's outfits to fit a professional setting like her elegant kurtis from the "2 States" look or opt for stylish shirts and tailored bottoms inspired by her other looks.
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