Styling Ideas To Create Casual and Party Outfits With Tops

Styling Ideas To Create Casual and Party Outfits With Tops

“Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it.”

And that’s what it’s all about. People with a quirky fashion sense often come up with the most innovative and intelligent ways to style their clothes regardless of a limited or wide collection. Styling one piece of clothing for several occasions is an art in itself. The best site to buy tops online like Green Avakado becomes an important player or tool in this creativity with its gorgeous range and unique designs. So, if you’ve got an idea for a painting, Green Avakado is the paint you need to bring that idea and vision to canvas.

In this blog, we will be discussing this versatile creativity that you can practice with different types of tops for casual wear and party wear. Make sure that before you start reading, you have a pen and notepad handy to take down the important notes that you could use in your next cool styling expedition. 

Bring out the fashion designer and vlogger in you for this one!

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  • Winters are around the corner so you might find yourself looking for a top that gives you warmth while not tarnishing your fashion statement either. Buying a top with double layers can keep your fashion game on point. Take our Marble top for example. The inner spaghetti-style top with a checkered print and tapering edge is warm, to give it an extra stylish layer of protection there is a sweater-style crop top that makes you all set for an outdoor evening of frolicking, partying and a whole lotta fun.

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  • This one is for all the party animals. Instead of going all out on flashy prints, this time goes for something beaded and satin. How about puffed, balloon sleeves? Go for subtle coloured blouses and adding some meshes and pearly beads on top can create the perfect party look. Pair it with a nice slit skirt or loose pants. Get set, party!

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  • When you buy fashionable clothes online, make sure you select the embroidery and fabric according to the occasion. For instance, our Sunset Top is all cute and vintage with a very folksy, postcard aesthetic charm to it. But we wouldn’t exactly recommend it for a party due to the embroidery work on it. Instead, pick it for a nice Sunday brunch, a day of cafe hopping with your date or a nice trip to the bookstore. Casual look at its finest.
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  • When you buy crop tops online in India, it’s often difficult to find a top that’s completely in sync with a Victorian vibe that also captures your slaying aesthetic. But not with our beaded plum top. You can style it with anything for a party as well as a casual look. The sultry black colour, the spaghetti straps and the heavy beadwork. All make it look like every dark academia fashion stylist’s dream. 

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  • There are times when you just don’t need the fuss. Whether it's a gathering or just a casual outing. During such times try pairing simple lace work with a plain dark colour. Floral embroidery, cute buttons and a gypsy style-shirt will make your look comfy and cute. You can also try going for all-white. 

When you buy women dresses online or go top shopping online, you will be flooded with options. Seldom do you find that bang-on piece of clothing that makes you believe in love at first site? At Green Avakado, you’ll definitely experience the contrary. So make sure you give it a visit and pick out your favourite styles. 

Liked our tips in the blog? Let us know if these helped you by writing to us and we’ll bring a part two for you. Let the fashion begin!

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