Winter Layering Hacks: Stylish Ways to Stay Warm and Chic

Winter Layering Hacks: Stylish Ways to Stay Warm and Chic


Winter is coming and the most exciting part about it is the clothing! I mean, it somehow does make us create our own couture because one piece of clothing can be styled in so many ways and helps create different looks. Influencers are also of the same opinion that styling is fun more in the winter season than in the summer. 

Read on this blog to take away some ideas for layering clothes.

Choosing the Right Base Layers

Well, choosing the right base ideas for layering clothes, is as crucial as seamless it may look. Here are some base layering ideas for winter:

  1. Always prioritise comfort.
  2. Opt for fabrics that are breathable and wick out moisture like wool or polyester.
  3. Check with the climate conditions as well, if its just cold you can go for lightweight 

Outerwear Essentials - Coats, Jackets, and Pullover

While you opt for layering the next thing you should consider is the outerwear. Here are a few fashionable outwear that speak nothing but style, class, and elegance:

    1. Coats: A super stylish look can be achieved in seconds with a perfect coat or cardigan.All you need is a pair of Muted-coloured bottoms and a turtleneck, and add a muffler for a complete look.
    1. Jackets: Just check out this jacket from Green Avakado. Denim jackets does not disappoint. Ever.
    1.   Pullover: Just another name for sweaters and the indispensable part of

      winter clothing. I mean, can you even style your outfit without this essential? The styles and colors of this winter essential are coming into, I tell you! Amazing! One such invention is that of a sleeve sweater. How can someone think so cool. And let me suggest the website for the ultimate collection of sweaters or pullovers, Green Avakado. Yes, thank me later!

    1. Blazer: This outerwear is a must-have to create different looks but what if you get the whole look put together already for you, like this blazer dress from Green Avakado.

Accessorizing With Scarves, Warm Hats And Gloves

Well, Accessorizing has to be right for any outfit to look perfect. Winter season calls for more accessories than any other season. Layering and adding up a scarf or a warm hat further elevates the look and feel of the outfit. With such a petite addition, you harness the power to transform your look.

Here are a few things to remember:

      1. Choose a scarf or a hat that sits well with the colour of your outfit or has the same colour.
      2. Try creating different looks by tying the scarf in various ways.
      3. You can also layer scarves for a front-open look.
      4. Opt for hats that would accentuate your facial features.
      5. Gloves come in different materials, and having two to three of different textures wouldn’t hurt.


With these layering ideas for the winter season, I am sure you are equipped to create the ultimate look. Just go by the thumb rules and you are halfway to achieving the look you are trying to create. Opt for muted and neutral tones when it comes to outer clothing and go all out in colours while selecting the inner ones. Keep comfort a priority and layer accordingly.


Layering in the winter season is important because:
  • It saves you from the cold.
  • It lets you style your summer outfits as well.
  • You can achieve a classy look with just a few accessories like that of adding a muffler around the neck or donning a stylish winter cap.
  • You are not restricted to a particular type of clothing.
Here are some ideas for layering clothes as far as the base is concerned and also how you can choose the right one:
  • Make sure you cover your neck area to inhibit the cold waves and that can be done by wearing a turtle neck sweater second thing under your outfit.
  • The first layer should be of a material like silk or synthetic fabric, because warm clothes usually tend to cause a little irritation, having a calm fabric underneath would be of much help.
  • The layering should be done according to the size of the clothing hugging your body the most to the loose ones.
  • It also depends on what look you want to create, invest in some inner layers in the color that would go with every dress.
  • Avoid materials that you are allergic to.
The key is to layer thoughtfully and accessorize wisely. There are a few elements that add style to your outfit and the same is relevant for all seasons and any outfit. An ideal pair of shoes with the right choice of earrings and the appropriate bag can elevate the look to another level. In the case of the winter season, stack your wardrobe with:
  • Mufflers
  • Scarves and stoles.
  • Winter Caps.
  • Fur Cuffs.
  • Fur collar.
  • Fleece leggings.
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